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Wired & Wireless Headset

For mobile, virtual, office or contact centre work style.

    • Home & Office headset
    • DECT Phones
    • USB wired/wireless headset
    • Wireless headset with lifter
    • Bluetooth headset
    • VoIP & Chat – Wireless
    • Wire/wireless earbuds

Paging System

PA system for warehouse, stores, office buildings, campuses, churches and more that integrates to your phone system.

    • Paging phone sets
    • Night ringer for speakers
    • Wireless or remote paging
    • Paging amplifiers and Horn/ceiling speakers

Conference Phone

Choose the right conference phone that connects to your phone system to serve the need of your enterprise.

    • Analog & Digital Conference phone
    • Wireless Conference phone
    • VoIP Conference phone

VoIP & Remote Phones

Hosted PBX and Remote extensions away from your main system.

    • Cloud based phone system
    • H.323 extension (remote extension)
    • SIP extension (remote extension)

Call Recording and Call Accounting

Best for monitoring your calls and recording automatically and manually.

    • Record and save phone calls
    • Automatic or manual recording of calls
    • Monitor calls and create custom reports
    • Real time and detailed reports

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